Porter Ranch Real Estate Trends + Housing Market Projections 2022

June 28,2022 | Posted By Mel Wilson in Real Estate
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Updated on: June 28, 2022.

In May 2022, There are 127 homes for sale in Northridge, CA. Median listing home price is $1.2M in 2022. The median listing home price/sq ft is $517 and median sold home price is $1.3M. Northridge, CA single family homes median list price is $1,424,450 and Condos/Townhomes median list price is $701,999 in May 2022.

Porter Ranch Housing Market Overview

Looking to buy or sell a home in Porter Ranch, Los Angeles? At Mel Wilson Real Estate, we believe in finding you the perfect home that matches your lifestyle-just ask our delighted clients! If you’re looking to move to Porter Ranch or any other surrounding areas within Los Angeles County, our team of real estate experts has all the information you need to make your real estate purchase and move/relocation as seamless as possible. For potential buyers researching the Porter Ranch real estate, we’ve compiled all of the trends and statistics you need to inform your decision. Keep reading to learn more about the Porter Ranch housing market!

Updated: February, 2020

How Are The Real Estate Prices Ruling Today in Porter Ranch, Los Angeles CA?

In January 2020 the real estate prices in Porter Ranch, CA is at a balanced position, which means there is a healthy balance of buyers and sellers in the market. Let's have a quick look at the current market figures in Porter Ranch.

What are the Porter Ranch Housing Market Projections 2020-2021?

The growth of Porter Ranch’s real estate market has been quite impressive over the past two years, and the trend is likely to continue over the next two to three years. Porter Ranch home values have gone upward by 2.6% over the past year and the current home value in Porter Ranch is $815K. Based on our forecasts, the home values in Porter Ranch will rise 4.2% within the next year 2021 and the price of an average home will be $848K by 2021.

Porter Ranch Real Estate Market 2019 Insights and Statistics

Currently, the real estate market in Porter Ranch is experiencing noticeable growth, making it a somewhat competitive market. Here is a current snapshot of the local real estate market trends:

  • Multiple offers on a single home are common.
  • Typically, homes will sell 1% less than the list price and go pending in an average of 38 days.
  • Hotter homes can sell 1% above the list price and go pending in an average of 17 days.
  • On average, Porter Ranch homes will sell 0.8% below the list price.
  • Homes generally remain on the market for 38 days.
  • The average down payment on a new home in Porter Ranch is 9.9% of the list price.
  • There are currently 57 active listings within the Porter Ranch area.

Porter Ranch Home Prices + Home Values 2019-2020

According to Los Angeles real estate experts, the Porter Ranch market is very hot for sellers for the remainder of 2019 and as we head into the year 2020. Check out some more statistics about home prices and home values in this area!

Porter Ranch Rental Market Analysis

If you’re a property investor looking to expand into the Porter Ranch rental market, here is some key data within this sector.

Compare Porter Ranch Real Estate To Surrounding Areas

For comparative analysis, we’ve included the average home values of Porter Ranch’s surrounding neighborhoods and cities!

Porter Ranch Demographics

To get a better idea about the Porter Ranch area and your potential neighbors, here is some key data pertaining to the demographics of this Los Angeles suburb.

Popular Neighborhoods In Porter Ranch

Even in such a small Los Angeles suburb, it’s important to find your niche. Here is some more detailed information about the most popular neighborhoods in the Porter Ranch area!

Porter Ranch Estates:

  • 7,968 Residents
  • 83% Homeowners
  • Average Age 53 Years Old

E.T. Park:

  • 3,315 Residents
  • 92% Homeowners
  • Average Age 55 Years Old


  • 7,816 Residents
  • 73% Homeowners
  • Average Age 51 Years Old

Viking Park:

  • 5,259 Residents
  • 89% Homeowners
  • Average Age 56 Years Old

Homes For Sale In Porter Ranch

Nestled in the Northwest corner of the San Fernando Valley, Porter Ranch is a small, upscale neighborhood within the expansive Los Angeles County. To view listings for new homes for sale in the Porter Ranch area, click here.

Porter Ranch Luxury Real Estate

Looking for your new luxury abode in Porter Ranch? Click here or here to see listings for upscale real estate in this area.

  Luxury Real Estate in Porter Ranch

Your Go-To Porter Ranch Real Estate Expert

Do you have any additional questions about the Porter Ranch real estate market and/or what it’s like to live in this beautiful Los Angeles suburb? Mel Wilson Real Estate is here to answer any inquiries and offer additional insight. Just call our office at 818.993.4606.

Porter Ranch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before embarking on your home search in Porter Ranch, you might have some initial questions. For your convenience, we’ve included some of the questions we receive the most from our valued clients when it comes to investing in real estate in this area. Cheers!

» Is Porter Ranch a nice place to live?

Indeed, Porter Ranch is one of the best places to live in Los Angeles County and California at large. Offering seclusion and proximity to urban life, the majority of residents here own their homes, and it is a popular place for retirees to settle down.

» How far is Porter Ranch from the City of Los Angeles?

Porter Ranch is just 23 miles away from the city limits of Los Angeles, easily accessed via the 101 Freeway.

» How did Porter Ranch get its name?

Porter Ranch was named after the secularized Mission San Fernando Rey de España, which was referred to as an ex-Mission because of a division made among the lands held in the name of the Mission. The grant encompassed most of the present day San Fernando Valley.

» How far is Porter Ranch from Woodland Hills?

Porter Ranch is just 8 miles away from the L.A. suburb of Woodland Hills!