Upscale Living in Northridge, CA, a paradise of the San Fernando Valley

August 28,2018 | Posted By Mel Wilson in San Fernando Valley
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Northridge, CA Overview

Northridge with a lot of attractions is in the neighbor of Los Angeles, California as a piece of allure in San Fernando Valley. It is a home of great California State University Northridge and also constitutes 11 public as well as 8 private schools for children.
Can you imagine the feeling when every day felt like a vacation? What if, after coming from a hectic day of office or school, you could come to your paradise to a refuge of peace and calmness? Similarly, can you imagine the feel of living like in an Italian gateway space, complete with different cafes and adventures?
Mel Wilson Realtor Northridge, CA is a source provider of all these things. Northridge is a plethora of amenities with a variety of different houses ranges from much expensive to least expensive depending upon your need of space. You can find Northridge apartments, condos, townhomes, single-family homes and much more at just a single place and that is Mel Wilson Realtor Northridge, CA homes for sale.  

Why Move Here?

Northridge is on #47 out of 143 in the best neighbors to live in Los Angeles with a population of 70000+. Northridge is a space for living where housing and amenities get A+ from the overall rating. Similarly, the place gets A or B+ for public schools, nightlife, diversity, health & care and crime and safety. Along with that, there are so many attractions/amenities to seen including University Studio Hollywood, The Getty Center, Venice Beach, The Original Farmers Market and much more.

Don’t worry about health & care as there are the best hospitals in Northridge, CA for the residents which are certified and maintain the standards. These qualities make the Northridge the best place to move here.

Cost of Living in Northridge

The only thing that put Northridge lower regarding grade on measuring scale is the cost of living in Northridge. As the cost of living in Northridge is 46% higher than the national average cost of living which is 8% more than the average cost of California.

Similarly, the cost of housing in Northridge is much more expensive than the United States average.  However, it gets the score of 2 out of 10. The ratings are collected by square footage, monthly rent, home prices and utilities. Well, talking about the national average cost of housing in Northridge than it ranges from $184,700 to $524,854 which is much more than just normal. Surely, an expensive community to live for average people.

Transportation in Northridge

Talking about the transportation in Northridge than it is more expensive. It lies at 1 out of 10 on the cost measuring scale. The cost of transportation decides by getting local data on commuting patterns and city dispersions which combined with different factors like fuel, public transport, etc. It is 26% more than the national average of Northridge.

However, it is a place which is four-sided freeway. Completely a short drive off from Los Angeles downtown. It’s almost easy to reach Northridge from everywhere from neighbors.


What You Can Buy in Northridge

No doubt that the cost of living and housing is much more than average in Northridge, but there are many options available for residential in the form of rented houses, commodities, and townhomes for rent in Northridge. The residents can enjoy the living charm and lavish style housing in the form of affordable rented houses.

A great example of this is 9000 Vanalden Ave Unit 115, Los Angeles, CA townhome with two beds and three bathrooms. It is highly desirable Northbrook townhome with many extensive upgrades. It constitutes hardwood flooring, new ceiling and tiling kitchen, and bathroom, soundproof windows, direct access to two car garage. Along with that pool, three spas and a great tennis court. It’s just at the walking distance to Northridge Fashion Center, shopping, and restaurant.


Living in Northridge Homes

Now you can experience the most vibrating and attractive living in Northridge. This place is a throng of spanking new apartments, condos and amazing houses with extremely advanced interiors, polishes and signature style. Drop in resort-style comforts; there is something perfect to call home.
  • Houses and apartments: On the other hand, there is 50-50 split between house owners and renters. Most importantly there are professional CA real estate dealers who can help you to find affordable housing options. The options range from luxury condos to extremely striking houses.
  • Local attractions: Talking about the local attractions of Northridge, then there are many options available. From the Los Angeles Zoo to the Museum of San Fernando Valley, from Colonia Park Recreation Center to The Japanese Garden, there is something amazing for all the residents of Northridge to enjoy and experience.
  • Schools: Well about schools the Northridge is getting famous day by day due to the standard of study and learning environment. As we have already mentioned that there are 11 public schools and eight private in which the most famous ones are Balboa Gifted/High Ability Magnet Elementary, Porter Ranch Community, and Alfred B. Nobel Charter Middle and many others who are continuously educating the students.
  • Weather: The weather of Northridge varies from summers to winters. The summers remain warm and humid, similarly, winters cold and windy. The temperature remains between 65°F and 80°F and rarely below 5°F or above 92°F. However, if you want to experience the rainless and clear weather with perceived temperatures, then the best months to visit Northridge is from mid-June to mid-September.
  • Restaurants: There are a variety of options available for breakfast, lunch, and dining in Northridge. The most famous restaurants include The Stand, MUSSE, Waffle Love – Northridge, Antonio’s Tacos & Kabob, Dog Haus Biergarten and many more for the residents and outsiders to enjoy the delicious and fresh food.
  • Entertainment: If you are an entertainment lover, then thousands of options are just waiting for you. The entertainment options include GlowZone-Woodland Hills, Amazing Escape Room, Maddie's Playhouse, Matador Bowl, and much more.
Northridge Neighborhood Areas

             As we have earlier discussed the upscale living and attractions of Northridge, now it’s time to discuss the neighborhood areas of it.
  • Los Angeles:  Talking about the neighbors of Northridge, then how we forget about the city o Angeles- Los Angeles? It is huge with different sightseeing places including restaurants, parks, clubs with superb nightlife and accommodation listings.  No doubt Los Angeles is an important center of medicine, culture, agriculture, business, media and especially tourism.
  • San Fernando Valley: San Fernando Valley is located in Southern California, lies northwest of downtown Los Angeles. This amazing valley is basically an agricultural area which occupies 260 square miles. San Fernando is made up of amazing suburbs and also mini-malls for people. It is no doubt a major network of movie studios. A lot of options available for dining and also entertainment. It is, however, a great fun place for enjoyment and shopping.
  • Chatsworth: Chatsworth is in north-western San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. Same as Northridge, Chatsworth is worth seeing and living place. There are no doubt great smaller recreational parks and transportation center. Chatsworth is low density and one of the best high-income places among the neighbors. Former Chatsworth Reservoir and the Santa Susana Field Laboratory here is worth seeing.

Properties for sale in the Northridge Community

Looking for the most exotic and outclass homes, condos, and rented apartments in Northridge? If yes, then you have just taken the right decision. No doubt this place has something in it for everyone. Whether we talk about beautiful houses or other amenities out here, everything has its existence and exquisiteness. However, if you want to get the most attractive house in Northridge, then Real Estate property dealers can help you. Who can be more professional than Mel Wilson Northridge, CA real estate?

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